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For the professional racer and racer-in-training, we offer the right bike to help you conquer your goals. From Full Carbon Bikes, to Triathlon specific bikes, to your beginner Road Bike, we have something perfect for you. 

Whether you're racing down a mountain or just riding on a trail through the quarry, we have the mountain bike to get you through the mud and over the tree logs. We carry a full line of hard and soft tail Mountain Bikes.

Looking for a great way to save money on getting back and forth to work? Then our Flat-Bar Road Bikes and Hybrids are what you are looking for. They ride like a comfort bike but are geared for the open road.

A great bike for the college student. The Fixed-Gear Bikes are the perfect way to get around campus without having to worry about where to park the car.

If you're looking for a bike to ride with the family and to just get out and enjoy nature, than our Sport Comfort Bikes are the bike for you. They ride like a Hybrid but with wider tires to offer more support on the road.

From Pedal-Forward Design, to Adult Trikes, to built-in cup holders on the frame, we have the perfect cruiser to fit your style. 

For all the trick goers and ramp riders we carry a full line of Freestyle and Trail BMX Bikes. They are made to take abuse and keep on riding.

For the most comfortable ride on the road look no further than our extensive line of recumbents. 

For all of our future race winners, we carry a full line of children's bikes from 12" wheel to compact 20" wheel bikes.
We carry a wide selection of parts and accessories as well. Plus all the clothing and shoe options you need to make the most out of your ride.

Stop in today to have a bicycle custom fitted for your needs. We will take the extra time to make sure our bikes will fit comfortably to you and suit your needs.