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We carry a wide selection of plastic and wooden models. Plus all of the paints, glues and tools required to complete the job.

Plastic Model Cars


With companies like Revell and AMT constantly providing great model kits to the consumers there is surely something to satisfy your car needs. Whether you are into the newest and latest model cars or into the classic muscle cars, they have what you are looking for. 

Plastic Model Airplanes & Helicopters

We carry all airplanes from the nostalgic like the Kitty Hawk, to the more modern like the F-117A Stealth. No matter what era you are looking for we have a plane for you.

Plastic Model Tanks


Whether you are looking for a tank from WWI, WWII, or today we have the tank to fit your search. With companies like Tamiya, Dragon and Trumpeter you can never go wrong. Model tanks are a great way to keep history alive with the children.


Plastic Model Boats & Submarines

We carry all types of boats from sailboats, to battleships, to pirate ships, and even to submarines. If you or a family member served in the military on a ship check with us on our availability for that model. We will always special order any model that is produced.




Wooden Model Airplanes

If time is not an issue than wooden kits are the way to go. Guillows and Dumas produce majority of the wooden kits available and have done an outstanding job with keeping to the true designs of the original planes. 

Wooden Model Boats

Wooden model boats can be some of the most beautifully created masterpieces. Boats can be very time consuming but are well worth it when you have finished and are proudly able to display it on your mantle.

We also carry specialty models such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman and many more. Just stop in and check out our selection. Inventory is constantly changing and we are always receiving new releases weekly. So check back frequently so see what's new.

We can also order a wide variety of models as well so if there is something specific you are looking for just ask and we will do all the searching for what is available for you.